We support Federal Candidates that will protect & defend our Democratic Values. 


The Blue Rising PAC was formed to protect and defend the rights and values that are under attack by the Trump Administration and the extreme Right. Blue Rising supports federal candidates that fight for gun violence prevention legislation, immigrant rights, woman’s reproductive rights, and racial justice.


Blue Rising is a Colorado based, grassroots Hybrid PAC. Our donors are everyday, regular people that decided they would not allow the extreme right to take over our national politics. We support candidates that know our national strength comes from our cultural, ethnic, class, gender identity, and religious diversity. We are powered by love for our country, and the belief that our diversity is our greatest national treasure.

We’ve launched our first action to take back the US Senate. We are calling out Senator Cory Gardner on his inaction on the gun violence epidemic in our nation. If Senator Gardner will not vote for gun safety legislation that will save lives, then we will work to replace him.


“In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.” - Barack Obama