Congresswoman Diana DeGette speaking to Blue Rising Supporters in Denver.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette speaking to Blue Rising Supporters in Denver.

Q: What is Blue Rising and what makes it different from other PACs?

A: Blue Rising is a federal PAC formed by two Colorado feminist women in January 2017, who decided that they needed to take action after the election of Donald Trump and the Republican majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. Our primary objective is to ensure the extreme right/Trump agenda loses ground in every election cycle.

We seek out candidates that support issues of key importance to women, people of color and the LGBTQ community, including gun violence prevention, protection of women’s reproductive rights, equality (both social and economic), environmental protection and immigrant rights. 

Q: Why Blue Rising? 

We provide early and continuous support for candidates. We help candidates establish viability early before the larger PAC’s are willing to step in.

We are women run, grassroots, and nimble.

We seek out candidates that represent the diversity of our nation and will bring desperately needed new voices to the Congress.

We are willing to take risks in hard districts because we believe all districts are important and cannot change if no one is having the conversation at the door.

Q: How will my donation have an impact?

A: By pooling our collective resources, we are able to make significant contributions to several competitive congressional races and hopefully tilt the balance of power in Washington. We think of this more akin to crowdsourcing than a large, anonymous DC organization. 

Our contributors are ordinary people who have decided to make a difference. We believe in making sure that each dollar provides the highest marginal return available across the available races. PACs are limited to contributions of $5,000 per candidate both for primary and general elections, so the more PACs contributing, the better the chances of success.

Donations to Blue Rising are public information and not hidden or secret. We believe this enhances our authenticity and is in line with our core values.