Our Mission

Blue Rising: Women Powered Change

Blue Rising Political Action Committee was formed in the aftermath of the November 2016 election to fuel resistance to the Trump Presidency and the radical right-wing agenda of Congress. Blue Rising supports Democratic candidates at the Federal level who will champion the rights of women, people of color, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. Our mission is to help elect leaders who will work to reduce gun violence, combat climate change, provide access to affordable health care, protect our civil liberties and fight for the rights of all Americans regardless of gender, race, religion, class, or ethnicity.

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Blue Rising was founded by two feminist, Democratic women, that decided after the election that they were not going to sit by, as the rights that were fought for over generations, were wiped away by the Trump Administration and the extreme right wing agenda of Congress. They believe that the American democracy is precious and worth fighting for. Blue Rising is completely volunteer run.

 Women Powered Change. 

Annette Moore and Dawn Reinfeld


Blue Rising is now a Multi-Candidate Political Action Committee

here's a list of who we support and why

  • Diane Mitsch Bush is running to unseat Scott Tipton in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. Diane is a former Colorado House of Representatives member and a former Routt County Commissioner as well as social science policy researcher and professor.
  • Chase Kohne is running to unseat Rep. Ken Buck in Colorado's 4th Congressional District. Chase is a large animal veterinarian and currently serves in the military reserves. Chase is the perfect candidate to understand the needs and concerns of rural voters while bringing a forward looking view of Colorado to Congress.
  • Joe Neguse is running to replace Congressman Polis in Colorado's Second Congressional District. Joe is the son of refugees and has dedicated his life to expanding opportunities to families in Colorado.
  • Senator Claire McCaskill is running for re-election in Missouri. Missouri went for Trump in 2016, so it is vital that the Democrats continue to hold this Senate seat. McCaskill's race is expected to be one of the top five most difficult seats to hold in 2018.
  • Stephany Spaulding is challenging Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s House District 5 (Colorado Springs area).  We have met with Stephany several times and believe she has the skills and qualifications to win this difficult seat.
  • Randy Bryce is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s House District 1.  In addition to contributing to Randy Bryce's campaign, Blue Rising is co-hosting two events here in Denver and Boulder in October.
  • Jason Crow is challenging Representative Mike Coffman in Colorado’s House District 06.  This would be a great win for Democrats here in Colorado. Congressman Coffman is a frequent supporter of President Trump (93% of the time).
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin is running for re-election in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin was another state that went for Trump in 2016 making this another key Senate race for Democrats. This race is also going to be extremely competitive and a must hold for Democrats.
  • Jon Ossoff who ran for Georgia’s House District 1. He ran a strong campaign in a traditionally Republican district and showed that no district is safe!

and we are just getting started...